NIRSite 2.0

NIRx has released the new NIRSite version 2.0.  An easy to use optode localization software.  NIRSite allows users to manually locate optodes onto an MNI atlas in a simple, point and click manner, or allows the user to input digitized coordinates from third-party instruments into a usable coordinate system and file format for analysis


3-D Atlas

As opposed to most 2-D optode localization layouts, NIRSite skips the often difficult task of manipulating a 2-D plane onto a 3-D surface, and allows the user to input points directly onto the 3-D atlas.

Manual Point & Click Optode Registration

NIRSite allows the user to manually input optode locations onto it's 3-D surface, based on an MNI head model. These points are compared to the Atlas' 10-20 labels to better aid the user in pinpointing these points most accurately.  The user can designate 'source', 'detector', or 'other' for reference points or concurrent EEG points.



Loading Digitized Points

NIRSite allows users to upload files containing digitized points.  This allows for the viewing of the optode locations and easy export into the desired format for offline analysis in either nirsLAB or other third party analysis software.

Setting Channels Automatically

NIRSite is capable of automatically calculating the distances between all possible sources and detectors and creating channels for all source-detector pairs whose inter-optode distance lies below a user-defined threshold. The user does not need to manually connect sources and detectors to each other anymore.