Upcoming NIRx Events

You can find info here about NIRx events. We always like to meet with our customers and our partners face-to-face whenever possible. Please get in touch with any questions or additional information needed on an event. 

We are currently updating our Events page. Please check back soon for more opportunities to meet us.

SRCD 2019 - Baltimore

March 21- March 23

Baltimore, MD, USA

Represented by NIRx


 CNS 2019 - San Francisco

March 23 - March 26

San Francisco, CA, USA

Represented by NIRx


NIRS Workshop Fudan University - Shanghai

March 26 - March 27

Shanghai, CHINA

Organized by NIRx and Hanix

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Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium

April 18 - April 19

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Represented by NIRx


fNIRS and fMRI: Comparitive Paradigms

April 23 - April 24

Houston, TX

Organized by

NIRx and Neurometrika

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APS 2019 - Washington D.C.

May 23 - May 26

Washington, D.C., USA

Represented by NIRx


OHBM 2019 - Rome

June 9 - June 13

June 8th NIRx Workshop:

Rethink Functional Imaging - Hands on Next Generation fNIRS

Register here


Represented by NIRx



September 8 - September 28

CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme

Whole brain imaging

More information

Bordeaux, FRANCE

Supported by NIRx


IEEE SMC 9th Workshop on Brain -Machine Interface (BMI) Systems

October 6 - October 9


Represented by NIRx and Brain Products Italy


NIRS Workshop University of Sevilla

October 9 - October 11

Sevilla, SPAIN

Organized by NIRx and BIONIC Ibérica


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