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At NIRx we believe that good support is what makes the difference. As a truly scientific company entirely dedicated to fNIRS, we invest time and effort to assist our users in all aspects of their research work with our systems.

As a company dedicated exclusively to fNIRS, our support team of dedicated professionals has worked with many fNIRS researchers and labs all over the world and will be able to assist you with any type of technical or scientific inquiry. When contacting our support team, you are reaching out to a group of biologists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers with a 20-year expertise in fNIRS research and related software and hardware development.  When contacting us, you are also reaching out to the knowledge of the many research institutions we intensively cooperate with.

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Wherever you are located in the world, we strongly encourage you to contact our support team, located in Europe, North America and South America, or any of our worldwide partners (NIRx global partners).

Our support team will be glad to assist you with any of the following:

-          General introduction to the principles of fNIRS, if you are new to the field;

-          Comprehensive training for all our products;

-          Technical issues you may have with any of our hardware or software products;

-          Assistance in the design of experimental protocols;

-          Comprehensive support on fNIRS data analysis;

-          Software downloads and upgrades;

-          Requests for custom software or hardware solutions.