Turbo-Satori: BCI and Neurofeedback Software

Turbo-Satori is designed for user friendly, real-time analysis of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) data. It is developed by Brain Innovation, exclusively for NIRx fNIRS instruments. Turbo-Satori is compatible with the NIRSport, NIRSport 2 and NIRScout device, and can be used in both lab-based as well as open environments (mobile studies). It integrates with NIRStar or Aurora fNIRS without the need for any additional hardware.


Real-time analysis of fNIRS data

Turbo-Satori imports raw data from NIRStar or Aurora fNIRS over the Lab-Streaming-Layer (LSL) protocol, and computes changes in Hb concentration in real-time.


Changes in Hb concentration can then be used to compute event-related averages, or for GLM and SVM future-extraction and visualization.

The user-friendly interface enables immediate access to the advanced processing features of Turbo-Satori also for students and non-experts in the field of fNIRS data acquisition and processing. 


Neurofeedback and BCI


Turbo-Satori comes with straightforward interfaces for neurofeedback and BCI experiments. In addition, flexible network interfaces allow 3rd party stimulus applications to access the processed data and calculated statistics in real-time, so that this information can be easily incorporated into custom neurofeedback or BCI presentations.

Technical Specifications

Compatible devices NIRSport, NIRSport2, NIRScout
Maximum measurement channels Unlimited - determined by system
Environment Lab-based or mobile/real-world
Real-time statistics Event related averages, Support vector machine (SVM), General Linear Model (GLM), Frequency Spectogram, short-channel regression, artifact removal
Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processing environment Standalone x64 or x86 system
Support Dedicated Support website
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