Parallel Port Replicator for Multi-Modal Integration

A solution for all of your multi-modal event trigger needs.  The Parallel Port Replicator allows you to send one trigger signal, from the hardware or software of your choice* into 4 or more separate measurement modalities.  Complete with a simple USB power port, this device allows the user to accurately compare multi-modal data in response to stimulus time points.


  • INPUT: The Parallel Port Replicator houses a DB-25 parallel port input.

    • Typically a unique binary signal sent from your choice of hardware or software environment (NIRStar, NIRStim, E-prime, etc).

  • TRIGGER IDENTIFIERS: Capable of coding up to 8 bits-worth of unique trigger identifiers.

    • Allows the user visible access to these identifiers through the use of 8 LEDs located at the rear of the device.

  • EASE OF USE: The Parallel Port Replicator allows the user to send TTL triggers (stimuli) from their choice of hardware or software. This makes the process of marking stimuli a painless and effortless one, allowing the user to worry about more pressing experimental matters.

  • OUTPUT: The parallel Port Replicator housses four DB-25 parallel ports

    • The original input is replicated into four separate but identically timed signals which can be delivered to separate external devices (i.e. EEG, eye-tracking devices, or tandem fNIRS devices).

    • The outputs can also be used as inputs into additional Parallel Port Replicators to multiply the number of outputs available without interrupting its accuracy.