Homer2 Analysis

Homer2 is a widely used, open-source fNIRS analysis software, written out of Massachusetts General Hospital by a Harvard group under Dr. David Boas.  Users can download the software directly on NITRC or find the direct Homer2 website here.

The software provides a collection of MATLAB functions or a relatively user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) to upload, view, process and analyze fNIRS datasets.  

While relatively easy to use, the software does require the user to spend valuable time to familiarize one's self with the interface and capabilities.  NIRx is offering users one stop for Homer2 videos, workshops, and documentation in an effort to expedite the learning curve and get you and your lab well on your way to publications.

Homer2 Workshop featuring Dr. Sara Basso Moro's hosted by NIRx in Berlin.

Additional References

  • Users will find the Homer2 forum, for which access must be granted here.

  • There are also several useful (and growing) tutorial videos in the Homer2 playlist on youtube below