We are regularly organizing photo and video shoots and are always looking for beautiful models to work with, as our company's growth has required an increasing focus on marketing and production.  

Examples of NIRx Photos and Videos

For your reference, here are some examples of our photos and stills from our video work.  

NIRSport Beach Yoga0018.png
NIRSport Beach Yoga- dancer - small.jpg
Hyperscanning with scientist 2 - all three - small.jpg
NIRSport Beach Yoga0028 - small.jpg
front - woman smiling - cropped.png
Hyperscanning with scientist - all three - small.jpg
mom and son hyperscanning - small.jpg
NIRS_EEG-017 - small.jpg
fNIRS-EEG redhead - front - faded - small.jpg


Please note: NIRx does require full rights to all photo and video production.  You will be required to review and sign a release form to authorize NIRx to use the photos and videos from the production prior to the production date.  We have found that this best ensures satisfaction for all parties concerned.

You can download the general release here for your reference: 
Download General Model Release

Contact Information

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Please provide a website link that shows examples of your work/ pictures. Linking a Model Mayhem or similar page would be sufficient.

Thank you for your time!