Show your fNIRS Research - Student Contest

Update: Due to popular demand, we have extended the submission deadline until November 1st.

NIRx invites you to create a 3-minute video in which the fNIRS research at your lab is featured. Every group has their own unique approach and we believe in the value of sharing this. We have found this gives us invaluable experience and helps to grow our expertise. Now, we are inviting you to do the same and share your research with the fNIRS community.

The goal of the contest is for the researcher(s) entering to create a video, in which they explain their research question, discuss the experiment and highlight why fNIRS is the ideal modality to study the brain region(s) of interest. The video does not have to include the full experiment, but it should include glimpses featuring a researcher performing the research. Ideally the video should include an audio narration outlining the background and description. The video should be able to convey the idea of the research and experiments to a wider audience.

Overall creativity is very much encouraged, as well as unique applications. Show us something we have not seen before!


  • 1st Prize: 400 € (awarded as prepaid card) + 400 € discount on your next NIRx order + free remote training session with NIRx support team.

  • 2nd Prize: 200 € (awarded as prepaid card) + 200 € discount on your next NIRx order + free remote training session with NIRx support team.

  • 3rd Prize: 200 € discount on your next NIRx order + free remote training session with NIRx support team.

Timelines and Deadlines: Updated

Tuesday 7th August : Opening of the contest, video upload via Sharefile enabled.

Thursday November 1st : Last day of the contest, closing of video upload.

Friday 5th November : Announcement of winners.

Six tips for success

  1. Be unique. Show research that nobody has seen before.

  2. Be entertaining. Make use of humor, a quick pace and creativity.

  3. Be skilled. Focus on the quality of the experimental setup and recorded data.

  4. Be professional. Pay attention to the technical realization, such as lighting, audio quality and editing.

  5. Be concise. Convince the audience in less than 3 minutes.

  6. Be clear. Refrain from using technical terms so that a broad audience can understand your research.

How to Participate?

All entrants must upload their video/s here . Please use the following format for naming the file: Date_Affiliation_Lastname, where ‘Date’ is the date in numbers (e.g. 02082018), ‘Affiliation the name of the University or Institute you are affiliated and ‘Lastname’ the last name of the main contact for this submission.

In addition, please make sure to correctly enter your name, affiliation and contact details on the submission page.

By uploading your video, you are giving NIRx rights to share the video on its website, social accounts and presentations. For details please refer to the Rules and Guidelines of the contest.