MRI/MEG-Compatible fNIRS Probes, Grommets, Caps


All NIRx NIRSport and NIRScout systems have MRI- and MEG-compatibility options.  Long probes (between 7-10m) are used to reach the subject from the control room.  No metal is used in any portion of the probes,  optode retaining ‘grommets’, or the NIRScap . 


Top: 7-10m probes travel to/from system to subject from control room. Probe length is minimized to maximize signal.

Left: NIRScoutX+ fNIRS System Chassis: Sits in control room, powers sources/detectors, connects to fiber optic probes and trigger integration cables

The same caps used for fNIRS measurements may also be used in fMRI and MEG-compatible EEG via the Brain Products BrainAmp system.  Therefore it is also possible for one to do concurrent fNIRS/EEG/fMRI or fNIRS/EEG/MEG measurements.  Multi-modal event synchronization is done by the fNIRS systems via trigger ports which receive 5V TTL pulses.  Higher-sensitivity detectors ensure the highest-quality signal is received, as some signal is otherwise lost due to attenuation in the fiber optic.


Probes (Optodes) for sending/receiving light in MEG or fMRI scanner.

The low-profile probe tip is inserted into the low-profile retaining grommet & cap.

NIRScap worn by subject while in fMRI or MEG scanner. Available in a large range of sizes.


Safety Notes/Features

  • Materials used within scanner have found to be no concern in terms of safety; i.e. no magnetic force has been observed, and no electrical induction or inductive heating of the components took place.

  • No electrical wiring (Bundles electrically insulating, consisting of glass fiber and silicone sheath)

  • Materials used for tips and holders: black plastic, Delrin™ (POM)

  • Materials used for caps: spandex-type fabric, free of metal parts