NIRSite 2.0

The second installment of NIRSite has arrived! Read about the new features here, such as easy addition of short-distance channels, automatic export of montages, renaming source and detector labels, and much more!


Following the success of the first release of NIRSite, we are excited to share with you the updated and much improved NIRSite 2.0.  Packed with new features and important bug fixes, NIRSite 2.0 makes creation of montages / optode-arrangements easier than ever!


What’s new in NIRSite 2.0?

  • Effortless addition of short-distance channels

  • Manual manipulation of measurement channels

  • Renaming source and detector labels

  • Creation of montages in the two-dimensional view

  • Automatic export to NIRStar and Aurora montage folders

Visit the NIRx Help Center to learn more about NIRSite 2.0, and download your own copy free of charge.

In addition, we warmly invite you to attend the upcoming NIRSite 2.0 Webinar, scheduled for March 7 2019. Visit our Webinar page for more details!