Turbo-Satori Webinar

Neurofeedback, real-time data analysis and Brain Computer Interface (BCI) paradigms are becoming increasingly popular in fNIRS research. To facilitate the requests of many researchers, NIRx has partnered with Brain Innovation, whom have developed an advanced, real-time analysis software that allows for fast, result-driven high-quality fNIRS research: Turbo-Satori.


We would like to invite you to a Introduction to Turbo-Satori webinar, on February 28. During this webinar, Mr. Michael Lührs - head developer of Turbo-Satori, will give a walk-through of the software and discuss its advantages and possible applications.

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Introduction to Turbo-Satori, a real-time Analysis Program for fNIRS data

Date: 28.2.2019
Time: 4 pm CET, 10 am EDT

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Interested to learn more about Turbo-Satori in advance? Have a look at its publication in Neurophotonics, or contact NIRx to discuss integrating Turbo-Satori with your current or desired fNIRS set-up!