Upcoming Webinars

We are pleased to announce that we have three new webinars coming up! The first upcoming webinar will be a guest webinar by Dr. Ted Huppert (University of Pittsburgh). A week later the second webinar will focus on fNIRS functional connectivity analysis, and finally we will walk through the new Aurora fNIRS software. See below for more details, exact dates and registration links!

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Upcoming Webinars

Co-registering fNIRS data & structural MRI data in MATLAB Brain AnalyzIR Toolbox (NIRS Toolbox) - March 28th 2019

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We are honored to have Dr. Ted Huppert (University of Pittsburgh, developer of NIRS Toolbox) join us as guest speaker for a special NIRx webinar focusing on co-registering fNIRS data & structural MRI data in the Brain AnalyzIR Toolbox.

During the Webinar, Dr. Huppert will go over the import of anatomical (MRI) information, probe (montage) registration to anatomical landmarks (accounting for head size variations), optical forward model simulations, image reconstruction basics, and anatomically defined region-of-interest methods. If you are curious to learn more about the work of Dr. Huppert, visit his personal website http://huppertlab.net/, or view a recording of one of his lectures here: https://nirx.net/fnirs-analysis.

The Co-Registering fNIRS/MRI in NIRS Toolbox webinar is scheduled for:

March 28, 3PM CET, 10am EDT.

Studying functional connectivity with fNIRS - April 3rd 2019


How do different ares of the brain interact when the mind is at rest? Is there a causal effect between activation to a cognitive task in one area and simultaneous activity in another? Are there functional networks hidden behind our data?

For over a decade, functional connectivity has been receiving increased attention and curiosity of many neuroscientists. Several neuroimaging modalities can be applied to better understand functional networks, but the exquisite temporal resolution of fNIRS offers a perfect opportunity for a closer look at these networks.

In the “Studying functional connectivity with fNIRS” webinar, we will review concepts of functional connectivity and provide a simple demonstration of how to run a connectivity analysis with fNIRS data using the Brain AnalyzIR Toolbox.

The Studying functional connectivity with fNIRS webinar is scheduled for:

April 3, 4pm CET, 10am EDT.

Visit our online Support Center to register for this Webinar!

Overview of Aurora fNIRS

The brand-new Aurora fNIRS software package is intuitive, easy-to-use, and compatible with multiple operating systems. Developed to take a whole new approach to user instrument control and data acquisition, Aurora fNIRS introduces many new features as well as a fresh and elegant new look.


Among many added features, Aurora fNIRS comes with new optimized signal diagnostics to ensure that signal quality is optimal for every measurement. When data is recorded, the user has quick access to high-end whole-head 3d data visualization. And with the integrated LSL protocol, Aurora fNIRS is ready for real-time data analysis and multi-modal measurements.

Interested to learn all new advantages, and see how Aurora fNIRS differs from NIRStar?

The Overview of Aurora fNIRS webinar is scheduled for:

April 11, 4pm CET, 10am EDT.

Learn more about this webinar, as well as others, by visiting our Webinars page.